Friday, February 28, 2014

Acknowledgment Pages, I Love Them!

I just wanted to talk a little bit today about something I love and I also just had to include gifs from one of my favorite shows Parks and Recreation!

So, I know that I am not the only one who reads these pages  but, they are my favorite parts of books sometimes. I will admit that I get teary sometimes when I get to read these pages, I can't help it I can be a bit sensitive but,  I love getting to see how happy an author is and I can only imagine how much a book means to an author when I think of what they do for me.

I also saw something pretty new in my ARC of Panic By: Lauren Oliver, she put a letter at the beginning of the book thanking her fans and just talking a little bit about the book and the characters and how she relates to them and it made me even more excited to read the book. As a reader at times I can feel distant from an author, reading a book doesn't give a view of who they are as a person and I feel like reading these few pages I get to see a little bit of who they are and it can make me just love them even more.

I also just love getting to read all of the people who helped an author put a book together, because as we know it takes an army and so many people big and small help and support authors to get their book to where we get to have it in our hands and I just really enjoy getting to see all of it!


  1. I definitely agree! I love reading acknowledgement pages, too! :)

  2. I'm so with you!! I love them too. I love seeing which authors are friends with which authors (bc they will usually mention them as writing partners or whatever)... and I get teary over them sometimes too!! Writing a book is a BIG deal and I get caught up in the emotion of someone thanking the ppl they like and love for helping them create something they love. If that makes any sense LOL!

  3. I love the acknowledgment pages (and reading the dedication as well.) I always read the acknowledgment pages, most of the time before I read the book. It is nice to get a glimpse into the author's life.


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