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Review: Darkness Falls (Immortal Beloved #2) By: Cate Tiernan

Title: Darkness Falls (Immortal Beloved #2)
Author: Cate Tiernan
Published: October 2012
Source: Bought
My Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Goodreads Summary:

You can run from your past, but it will always catch up.

Nastasya has lived for hundreds of years, but for some reason it never seems to get any easier. She’s left behind her days of debauchery to find peace and forgiveness at River’s Edge, a safe haven for wayward immortals. There she’s uncovered her family’s epic history, reclaimed her magickal powers, and met Reyn, whom she dubs “the Viking god.” Just as she settles into her new life, Nastasya learns that her old friends might be in town....

Reuniting with her gorgeous and dangerous ex-best-friend, Innocencio, Nas wonders if she’ll ever be truly free of her dark legacy. Is Incy dangerous, power-hungry, and wicked? Or is he the only one who truly understands Nas’s darkness? Either way, Nas is desperate to find out who she really is-even if the answer kills her

My Thoughts:

I enjoyed this book towards the end but, it took a while for me to really feel like this one felt like a sequel to the first book at all. The beginning half of this book felt much like reading the first  book which was what initially disappointed me, I wanted new action, new characters, and Natasya to show growth and to finally move forward, and towards the end the book improved a lot.

Natasya was just as frustrating a character as she was in the first book, she was making progress in her immortal rehab but, she was doubting herself left and right and I was ready to see her take more responsibility and recovery in her life.  It wasn't till the end that I really felt that she was going to embrace everything she was learning and finally  turn into the woman that she has been wanting to be all along. 

Although I was so disappointed that Nas went back to her old friends after everything she went through to get away from them but, it definitely spiced up the book and brought the action I was waiting for through the dragging first half of the book. 

Overall, Darkness Falls failed to grab me through the first half but, definitely picked up towards the end and has convinced me to continue to read the last book and find out the ending of Nas's story. 

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Review: The Goddess Inheritance (The Goddess Test #3) By: Aimee Carter

Title: The Goddess Inheritance (The Goddess Test #3)
 Author: Aimee Carter
Published: February 26th, 2013
My Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Goodreads Summary:
Love or life.
Henry or their child.
The end of her family or the end of the world.
Kate must choose.

During nine months of captivity, Kate Winters has survived a jealous goddess, a vengeful Titan and a pregnancy she never asked for. Now the Queen of the Gods wants her unborn child, and Kate can't stop her--until Cronus offers a deal.

In exchange for her loyalty and devotion, the King of the Titans will spare humanity and let Kate keep her child. Yet even if Kate agrees, he'll destroy Henry, her mother and the rest of the council. And if she refuses, Cronus will tear the world apart until every last god and mortal is dead.

With the fate of everyone she loves resting on her shoulders, Kate must do the impossible: find a way to defeat the most powerful being in existence, even if it costs her everything.

Even if it costs her eternity.

My Thoughts:

 I have to admit that this series has not been my favorite although I did continue to the last book, the ending of the second book made me wondering so much I had to find out what happened with this cast of characters which in my opinion shows the mark of a good writer, even if I didn't love the book, I still had to know what happened and where the story would go.

What I did enjoy was the fact that the action started off right away and it kept me reading and into the story, although I have to admit that one of  the things that did surprise me is  I didn't feel as much character growth with our main character Kate as I did in the last two books, of course there was some  but, not necessarily in the ways that I would have liked, one of the things that I admire and  don't like about her character was how self sacrificing she was. Yes, I know that might make me seem a little bit selfish but, she was always willing to give herself up at every turn in this book which is what I didn't like, she seemed less willing to fight and more ready to just give up and let Cronus take over and win.

The character that I felt changed the most and showed the most change was Ava, after everything that had happened. I don't want to go into too much detail about her because I don't want to ruin the story but, I admired her the most. 

Overall, Goddess Inheritance was a satisfying read, their wasn't many twists and turns that made me excited, for the last book in a trilogy all of the plot lines were tied up neatly with an easy ending, I am definitely  wondering what Aimee Carter will be writing next!

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Review: Angelfire (Angelfire #1) By: Courtney Ann Moulton

Title: Angelfire (Angelfire #1)
Author: Courtney Allison Moulton
Published: February 15th, 2011
My Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Goodreads Summary:

First there are nightmares.
Every night Ellie is haunted by terrifying dreams of monstrous creatures that are hunting her, killing her.

Then come the memories.
When Ellie meets Will, she feels on the verge of remembering something just beyond her grasp. His attention is intense and romantic, and Ellie feels like her soul has known him for centuries. On her seventeenth birthday, on a dark street at midnight, Will awakens Ellie's power, and she knows that she can fight the creatures that stalk her in the grim darkness. Only Will holds the key to Ellie's memories, whole lifetimes of them, and when she looks at him, she can no longer pretend anything was just a dream.

Now she must hunt.
Ellie has power that no one can match, and her role is to hunt and kill the reapers that prey on human souls. But in order to survive the dangerous and ancient battle of the angels and the Fallen, she must also hunt for the secrets of her past lives and truths that may be too frightening to remember

 My Thoughts:

Angelfire was packed with action, and that was one of the things I loved from Moulton's great storytelling.  I have to admit that I didn't love this book as much as I wanted to but, I don't think it was anything lacking in the book, I am just over angels. Because of the amount of YA books on this subject it takes something amazing for me to really love it.

Ellie is just your average teen girl, she has a great group of friends that have their rituals like Friday night movies and they stick together through everything. Until one day at school Ellie spots Will and when she sees him it's like she knows him, he seems familiar to her and he stands out from the crowd. As Ellie's seventeenth birthday approaches she is having terrible nightmares of demons haunting her dreams and keep her awake at night. That all changes when she decides to take a late night walk on her birthday, Will is their just hanging around on her street, protecting her from the demons that haunt her and want to destroy her,  with a touch of his hand he awakens ancient powers inside of Ellie that she never knew existed. Just like that she knows exactly what she must do, she knows how to fight along with the help of her trusty swords filled  with Angelfire, she and Will are unstoppable. 

Our main  character Ellie was hard for me to fall in love and connect with, there wasn't anything wrong with her but, she was trying to find out who she is throughout the book and piece together all of the memories of her past, and find out who she is which made it hard to completely connect with  her.  The one other thing that left me wondering was Ellie's dad I kept feeling like there was something that I was missing  and I kept expecting to find out I was right but, we never do but, I was hoping that maybe sometime in the series we do, guess I will have to keep reading to find out.

Overall, I really enjoyed the face paced and action packed story of Angelfire but because of the flood  of angels in YA it's really hard to impress me and to read something that I fall in love with. I am still curious about  where the  series   will go and maybe eventually I will continue reading the series.

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What's Next (48)

I am so excited to be participating in a new meme every Thursday hosted  by Iceybooks, this meme is designed to help us bloggers get some help from our reader's on what to read next, so every week I will post 3 books that I am trying to decide between and you guys can vote on which one you think that I should read next. Cast your vote through the poll at the bottom of this post.

Happy Reading!

 My 3 choices for this week are:

Identity Theft By:  Anna Davies
Goodreads Summary:

  The third title in our exciting relaunch of Point Horror!

Hayley is going to have the best year ever. After years of careful planning, she's ready to serve as student council president AND editor-in-chief of the newspaper. Ivy League, here she comes!

However, just before student council elections, someone creates a fake facebook profile for Hayley and starts posting inappropriate photos and incriminating updates. It must be the work of a highly skilled Photoshopper, but the attention to detail is scary. The embarrassing photos of "Hayley" in her bathing suit reveal a birthmark on her back--a birth mark Hayley has never shown in public. . . .

The situation escalates until Hayley's mother reveals some shocking information. Hayley isn't an only child: She has a twin sister who was adopted by a different family. And that's not all. Soon, Hayley discovers that her long-lost sister isn't just playing a prank--she's plotting to take over Hayley's life . . . by any means necessary.

Born of Illusion By: Teri Brown

Goodreads Summary:

Anna Van Housen is thirteen the first time she breaks her mother out of jail. By sixteen she’s street smart and savvy, assisting her mother, the renowned medium Marguerite Van Housen, in her stage show and séances, and easily navigating the underground world of magicians, mediums and mentalists in 1920’s New York City. Handcuffs and sleight of hand illusions have never been much of a challenge for Anna. The real trick is keeping her true gifts secret from her opportunistic mother, who will stop at nothing to gain her ambition of becoming the most famous medium who ever lived. But when a strange, serious young man moves into the flat downstairs, introducing her to a secret society that studies people with gifts like hers, he threatens to reveal the secrets Anna has fought so hard to keep, forcing her to face the truth about her past. Could the stories her mother has told her really be true? Could she really be the illegitimate daughter of the greatest magician of all?

Scrap By: Emory Sharplin
Goodreads Summary:

 On the brutal streets of Hellip, a village in the vast empire of the cruel King Ibis, you either become good at running from the king’s Blackcoats or you die. This is the lesson that twelve-year-old Tucker Scrap, abandoned as an infant among the orphans of Hellip, learned early. Along with her friends Ash and Kally, Tucker spends her time keeping one step ahead of the unjust laws, stealing what she needs to survive, and pondering her own unknown origins—and those of the enchanted bracelet with which she was found.

Now, both Ash and Kally have vanished from the orphanage, perhaps headed for the faraway city where Ibis still rules. When a mysterious girl named Vivian arrives in Hellip with a strange invitation to Tucker, the leader of the orphans decides that this may be her opportunity to find her missing friends. But more than this: it may become an opportunity to recover her hidden inheritance, and to change the fate of an entire kingdom.

The introduction to a fantasy world rich with ancient magic, enigmatic gypsies, palace labyrinths, and deep woods haunted by strange and forbidding creatures, Emory Sharplin’s debut novel tells the story of Tucker Scrap: a bold, memorable heroine at the center of a centuries-old mystery, stepping into her destiny at last.

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