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Sovereign Hope Blog Tour! Author Interview and giveaway with Frankie Rose

I am so excited to be a part of the tour for Sovereign Hope is an awesome book and you guys should really check it out, if you haven't read my review for it yet check it out here and now onto my favorite part my interview with Frankie Rose, I would like to thank her so much for taking the time to be here today!

1. If you could have dinner with any author dead or alive who would it be?

I think, at the moment, it would have to be George R.R Martin. I have a bone to pick with that man! ha ha.... I finished reading A Dance with Dragons a while back and I haven't been able to get over a certain cliff hangar at the end. I have dreams about it at night, desperate to know what happened to the character this particular cliff hangar is related to. If I had George over to dinner, I might be forced to make him spill the beans. It took him eight years to release the last instalment of his series, I think, and I just can't wait another eight years to discover the truth! 
2. How did you come up with the idea for Sovereign Hope?

Well, I spent a long time thinking about how I would write Sovereign Hope. I started out thinking about what danger element would be- who the 'bad guys' were initially. Once I'd decided that they would be Soul Reavers, I then immediately moved on to thinking about my characters and how they were connected to one another, what their relationships were going to be like, and who they were. 

This was my favourite part really. Coming up with a protagonist who I thought was strong and independent was really important to me. I hope that I accomplished that. 

3. If Sovereign Hope was made into a movie, who would you want to play Farley and Daniel?

I have been asked this question so many times, and I'm still no closer to having even the faintest clue who I would cast. I  just can't think of anyone who would be perfect, and that's what I would want- the perfect person to portray Farley and Daniel. I guess in the past I've thought that maybe Phoebe Tonkin from the Secret Circle and Kit Harington from Game of Thrones might be good contenders, but again... gah! I just don't know. It's such a difficult question to answer!! I've always said that I'm more interested in who everyone else sees playing Farley and Daniel, to be honest. Each and every person has such a different imagination. It's really fun learning who the readers have cast in their own minds. 

4. Have you always wanted to be a writer?

I've always dreamed that one day I would be patient enough to write a book, yes. I've written poetry for a very long time, and a lot of short stories, too. But I never imagined I would be able to commit to writing a full length novel. The funny thing is that, once I decided I was going to do it, I didn't let anything get in my way. Commitment really wasn't a problem. I dedicated every spare hour, minute and second of my day to writing Sovereign Hope, and that wasn't about pushing through in order to get it done. It was about the fact that I loved immersing myself in the world I was trying to create. The whole thing was a massive adventure. 

5. What are you working on now?

I'm just tweaking a few slight revisions to the second book in The Hope Series, Eternal Hope, which should be ready for release by mid September if all goes according to plan. I'm also working on a dystopian YA novel, which is slightly different to a lot of the other books in the same genre that I've read recently. I've fallen in love with the characters in that book, too, and creating them and making them into their own people has been really rewarding. 

I would like to write a contemporary book that's aimed at an older YA market at some point, but that is just a thought at the moment. I haven't really had time to picture how that would go. I really want to focus on The Hope series and give it everything I've got. There's still another two books after Eternal Hope that I need to write. I already know how the story flows, so it's just a simple matter of sitting down and getting it done! Once that journey's over, then I can consider other avenues I might want to explore. It's always fun trying something new. 

6. If you were stranded on a desert island and could only bring one book with you, what would it be?

That's a cruel concept. Just one book?! Huh... well, I'd have to say I would take Good Omens by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett. That's only because I've read that book so many times, and it continues to make me laugh like an idiot. 

7. What do you like to do when you are not writing?

I love skiing and snowboarding, and I spend a lot of time with my camera. Aside from that, I love hiking and climbing (although, I'm not very good at climbing on account of me being a 'fraidy cat) I love being active and trying to keep fit. 

8. Anything you would like to add about Sovereign Hope?

I'd love to thank everyone who has read and loved Sovereign Hope so far. I've received some seriously lovely compliments and that's been wonderful. I would still write even if I didn't have an audience, but it's very gratifying when even one person contacts you to tell you that your book has been special to them in one way or another. 

I'd also like to thank you, Kristin, for having me here today, and I'd love to come back and chat again if you'll have me!

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