Saturday, June 1, 2013

Armchair BEA Day 5: Young Adult Literature

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So, where do I even begin talking about Young Adult literature, it is obviously something  that I love considering that I have my entire blog dedicated to it.

 Young adult books are definitely my favorite to read, for so many reasons. I love the characters because many books are full of firsts, first love, first heartbreak. I love all of the different genre's within Young Adult, it feels like sometimes authors are more creative with their world building, I  think that they can write about so many more things and that people will be more accepting of it when they read Young Adult.

I  also love convincing people to try out young adult, just because it is written for younger people doesn't mean people of all ages won't enjoy it. Many of the friends I have made through blogging who have Young Adult blogs, are not young people. So, if you have never read a young adult book because you think they are written for teenagers and kids, you are wrong, it is written for anyone who loves to read a great story.


  1. I am totally about all things YA! As a YA fantasy writer, I find that all ages tend to enjoy a good story. I like creating an escape and I find older people fall into my YA trap as well (muh hahaha)*evil laugh*.

  2. I personally feel that most Young Adult these days is read by An older audience. I'm not saying teens don't read it, I'm sure they do but I definitely believe an Older crowd is what is keeping the genre so popular. Which is fine by me since I love it!!

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  3. Young Adult novels have really come along (compared to what it was ten years ago). I feel like the books are more developed in a way it hadn't been before. And the audience has certainly changed, which I think is great. Adults are reading it and enjoying it!

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  4. I agree that I love convincing people to read YA! It's is SO fun to say I just read this amazing book you have GOT to try and then have them love it when it's really YA, but they never really find out. :) Plus, my job all day love is really in the end getting folks to read! :) Happy reading.
    Ange @Libby Blog

  5. I didn't read a lot of YA before I started book blogging. I love it now though!


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