Friday, May 31, 2013

Armchair BEA Day 4: Ethics and Non-Fiction

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 So ethics is a very important topic in  blogging and it seems like lately it has become  a bigger issue because many bloggers are being plagiarized which makes me very upset. For new bloggers I think that this trap is very easy to fall into. The few tips I have for new bloggers  it make sure if you get any idea for a meme or a feature on your blog from someone else usually bloggers are very welcoming and happy to share as long as you e-mail them  beforehand and link back to them as the one with the original idea.

As far as reviewing goes, I hate to hear or see bloggers who have stolen other's reviews or who's reviews have been stolen. To new bloggers guess what, people came to your site because they wanted to see what you thought about that book not someone else's thoughts.  Also, at least for me review writing takes a lot of time and work and usually by the end of it I am pretty proud of what I wrote and I would be really upset if someone took my work and used it for themselves. A few tips to keep your work your own I have are, when  you are about to write a review or right after you finish a book, try not to read other's reviews because it is very easy to read what they have wrote and then use it in your own review, or if you like a review that someone else wrote leave a link to it in your own review. I know how easy it is to read another blogger's review and say wow they said exactly what I wanted to say only better. When you are a new blogger unless you  are a really great writer, (which I am not) your reviews may not be the best thing you have ever written but, I promise that you will get better.

Non-fiction, what can I really say about it besides that I don't tend to read it much, I am a college student so unfortunately I have to read a lot of textbooks and work that I may not necessarily completely enjoy. So, when it comes to my reading I tend to steer towards fiction because reading for me is an escape and a break from the real world and I enjoy getting lost in stories and other worlds. But, I am very interested in true crime shows on t.v. and stuff like that so, if anyone has any recommendations for me let me know in the comments!


  1. I love True Crime and even though it totally is Non-Fiction I tend to not think of it that way. If you haven't read it I enjoyed The Mammoth Book Of True Crime by Colin Wilson.

    My Non-Fiction Post

  2. Turns out that you do read a lot of nonfiction...if text books count? ;) There are some great true crime nonfiction books. The epitome of them all is In Cold Blood by Truman Capote. FANTASTIC book.

  3. I love non-fiction because it helps me learn new things. Loves of great ideas for titles today.

    I think that ethics comes down to doing to others like you want them to do to you. Sad that things are linked back or just plain stolen!


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