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Review: Defiance (Defiance #1) By: Stephanie Tyler

Title: Defiance (Defiance #1)
Author: Stephanie Tyler
Published: June 10th, 2013
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Source: E-galley from  author
My Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
Goodreads Summary :

Rebelling against her legacy as the MC's princess, Tru Tennyson escaped the ruthless, male-dominated culture of the Defiance motorcycle club. Three years later, her newfound freedom is ripped away, thanks to a massive hybrid storm that killed millions. Now, in the post-Chaos world of semi-darkness and near-total anarchy where gangs rule, she discovers the dangerous world of Defiance may be the one thing that can keep her safe.

Tru is at the MC's mercy when she's dragged back to her former home … and to the only man she's ever pictured a future with. Caspar is the bastard son of the club's leader, her safe haven when life got rough — and her onetime lover the night she left. When Tru refuses to trade sex for power and be claimed by a rival club leader, she also dares to announce she wants Caspar instead, throwing the MC into turmoil.

Tru's brazen revolt could start a gang war and destroy the club from within. Now both Tru and the MC must wait for Caspar's response … and the inevitable fallout.

My Thoughts:

I was really excited when I was asked to read this book, I am a huge fan of the show Sons of Anarchy and here is a few of the many reasons why:

 so I was hoping that I would enjoy  reading this book just as much and I really did. Stephanie Tyler took the idea of a dystopian world and combined it with the world of the Defiance motorcycle club and I was sucked into the story immediately.

The world is different now after the Chaos, it was a giant storm that changed the world and killed millions of people. The sun can't even get to the Earth anymore except for a few hours a day.  But, the Defiance motorcycle club has always been prepared for these types of disasters. Formed from two former Navy members they made their money selling underground tubes that kept their club and their families save during the Chaos storms and has made them a lot of money in the post apocalyptic world. Tru was the MC princess that is before she left, her dad was Lance the leader of the club's right hand man, his enforcer. Tru was promised to Lance's son Silas and together they were supposed to lead the club in the future. But, Tru's dad didn't 't keep the violence out of his home and she finally escaped from him and  the club.  But, now she's back after her father's death, she back for the one guy who she has always really wanted   Caspar, the president of the clubs bastard son and together they are going to show the whole club what it means now that they can finally be together.

Tru's character was definitely strong but, with growing up in the shadow of a motorcycle club there really isn't much of a way that she couldn't be strong, but even  after returning and causing a lot of chaos and turmoil in the club and for the club she didn't back down from what she wanted and she wasn't afraid to finally take what is her 's. Caspar feels the same way about Tru that she feels about him but, he is more afraid to show it, he doesn't want to get hurt and he knows her M.O. when things get hard she runs away and he doesn't want to be left alone without her. So as much as he wants to get lost with Tru he was hesitant and made her earn her spot next to him.

Sometimes the plot seemed so similar to Sons of Anarchy, just smaller things that I noticed since I have watched every seasons, that disappointed me a bit but, I was still glued to the story. This one is a New Adult read so it was definitely steamy in all the right places but, not too overdone, exactly what you would expect from a motorcycle club. One of the things that made me so happy was that Tru wanted to change the way women were seen in the club, she wanted them to be able to have jobs and be stronger than they were  and not just used and controlled by the men, of course I am all for women empowerment. 

Overall, I really enjoyed reading Defiance  and with  Sons of Anarchy on hiatus but, returning at the beginning of next month this book gave me my fix and I am definitely curious to see where Tyler takes the series next!

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