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Review: The Social Code (The Social Code #1) By: Sadie Hayes

Title: The Social Code (The Social Code #1)
Author: Sadie Hayes
Published: September 3rd, 2013
Source: E-Galley from the publisher
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My Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
Goodreads Summary:

In a world where anyone can rise to the top, the only rule is... watch your back.

Eighteen-year-old twins Adam and Amelia Dory learned the hard way to rely only on each other, growing up in a small town where they understood the meaning of coming from nothing. But everything changes when both are offered scholarships to Stanford University – and catapulted into the dazzling world of Silicon Valley, where anyone with a good enough idea can skyrocket to fame and fortune in the blink of an eye…

Amelia is almost as pretty as she is smart – almost. A shy girl and genius, she is happiest alone in the computer lab, but her brother has other plans for her talents: A new company that will be the next Silicon Valley hit, and will thrust Amelia into the spotlight whether she likes it or not. Where Amelia’s the brains, Adam’s the ambition – he sees the privileged lifestyle of the Silicon Valley kids and wants a piece of what they have. He especially wants a piece of Lisa Bristol, the stunning daughter of one of the Valley’s biggest tycoons.

As Adam and Amelia begin to hatch their new company, they find themselves going from nothing to the verge of everything seemingly overnight. But no amount of prestige can prepare them for the envy, backstabbing and cool calculation of their new powerful peers.

Welcome to Silicon Valley, where fortune, success – and betrayal – are only a breath away...

Previously published as The Start-Up

My Thoughts:

When I first read the summary for The Social Code, I immediately thought of the facebook movie, The Social Code did have a lot of similarities to the movie. There was drama, lies, money, and interesting technology. So if you were a fan of The Social Network I definitely think that you will enjoy this one. Honestly this book was just ok for me, I didn't love it but, I didn't hate it either. At times characters were hard to connect with because there was so many different plot lines going on at once that sometimes I had a hard time keeping them straight.

Amelia and Adam Dory are twins, they are all each other has after growing up in the foster care system. They came out the other side of the system on top. They both have scholarships to the prestigious Stanford University. Amelia is a computer programmer and a complete genius when it comes to the subject and getting to spend her days at Stanford sitting in front of a computer all day long. Adam on the other hand isn't completely content with living  their lives the way they are. Palo Alto is full of venture capitalist and silicon valley millionaires and after spending a night bartending at one of these millionaires parties Adam wants to move up in  the world. After meeting a stunning girl, Lisa Bristol the daughter of a successful venture capitalist, he is determined to win her heart. When one of Amelia's ideas for an IPhone App begins to lead to a new company for the twins they have no idea what they are getting into.

 Amelia's character was a bit hard to relate to. She was very naive and always believed that people were good  but, at times it was hard to believe that after everything she went through in  her past she could still be someone who believed this. I did like how smart and strong she comes to be and defends herself when needed. Her brother on the other hand was always doubting himself. Adam and his love interest Lisa were keeping their dating a secret (you have to read the book to understand why) but, he was always doubting the reasons that they were keeping it a secret, he was worried it was because he wasn't rich and so many other things.  Adam did have some redeeming qualities though, he really loved his sister and he was  willing to help her even when he wasn't sure he could because he wasn't the computer genius.

Overall, The Social Code was filled with drama, a long list of characters whose lives all somehow became intertwined.  It really kept my attention getting to read about so many different things going on at once but, it kept me from really being able to fall in love with the book. 

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  1. Awesome! Sounds like a great book! I hope I can get my hands on this one soon. Great review!

    Ann@Blogging E-books

  2. Thanks for linking to my review :)

    As you saw, I think I liked this one a bit more than you-I was never bored with so much going on!


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