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Review: Her Dark Curiosity (The Madman's Daughter #2) By: Megan Shepherd

Title: Her Dark Curiosity (The Madman’s Daughter #2)
Author: Megan Shepherd
Published: January 28th, 2014
My Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Goodreads Summary:

To defeat the darkness, she must first embrace it.

Months have passed since Juliet Moreau returned to civilization after escaping her father's island—and the secrets she left behind. Now, back in London once more, she is rebuilding the life she once knew and trying to forget Dr. Moreau’s horrific legacy—though someone, or something, hasn’t forgotten her.

As people close to Juliet fall victim one by one to a murderer who leaves a macabre calling card of three clawlike slashes, Juliet fears one of her father’s creations may have also escaped the island. She is determined to find the killer before Scotland Yard does, though it means awakening sides of herself she had thought long banished, and facing loves from her past she never expected to see again.

As Juliet strives to stop a killer while searching for a serum to cure her own worsening illness, she finds herself once more in the midst of a world of scandal and danger. Her heart torn in two, past bubbling to the surface, life threatened by an obsessive killer—Juliet will be lucky to escape alive.

With inspiration from Robert Louis Stevenson’s The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, this is a tantalizing mystery about the hidden natures of those we love and how far we’ll go to save them from themselves

My Thoughts:

I loved The Madman’s Daughter and I was definitely curious as to where this one would go, I was really interested when I had seen that the inspiration was Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde especially since the first one was based on The Island of Dr. Moreau. This one was completley different from the first book which made sense because Juliet is now back in London after everything that has happened on the island. She definitely wasn’t having an easy life after everything that has happened, London isn’t the same home that it once was for Juliet.

Juliet doesn’t have many people that she is close to but, they are mysteriously getting murdered by a serial killer and she doesn’t know why or how to stop it. Her sickness is getting worse and she doesn’t know how to help herself. She misses Montegomery and is still haunted by everything that has happened on the island. All she wants is to find a cure for her illness and begin to rebuild her life but, for her it won’t be that easy.

Juliet is definitely a changed woman after everything that she faced in the first book, she is trying to live her life in London and move forward but, it isn’t as easy as she expected and she really isn’t moving on at all her thoughts are stuck in the past on the island with Montegomory. She is just trying to find a cure for herself and I didn’t enjoy her character as much as I did in the first book, she still has the endless curiosity that she curses herself for wanting to know things that she feels she shouldn’t but, it kept feeling like something is missing.

Overall, Her Dark Curiosity was a great sequel which was very different from the first but, it still gave you the same dark and omnious feelings as the first book, I didn’t write much in this review but, I don’t want to spoil this one because the summary doesn’t say much about the plot but, if you enjoyed the first I definitely think that you will enjoy this one!

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  1. I barely finished The Madman's Daughter but this piqued my interest. I love how the author is tying all these classics together. I might just read this one.

    Thanks for sharing!


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