Monday, August 25, 2014

I'm Back! Update and the Bruno Mars Concert!

Hey guys, so sorry I was gone all last week, I went to the Bruno Mars concert last Sunday and then I was sick all week and I didn't get any reading done or blogging for that matter because I felt so horrible! But, my week started off amazing, I am a huge fan of Bruno Mars and I have been waiting all summer to get to go to his concert and let me just say that he did not disappoint. He is one of the best live performers I have seen in a long time, I think that he sounds better live then on his album. His band is just as amazing which only makes him live that much better. I was having so much fun enjoying the concert I didn't take that many pictures and my friend has yet to upload the ones she took were way better then any of the ones that I got, I did get a short video that I will put up also, So if you guys ever get a chance to see Bruno Mars live I definitely reccommend that you take the chance to see him because I know that I will be there everytime he goes on tour it was well worth the money! I hopefully will get back to posting this week, so I hope everyone enjoys their week!

A short video of Bruno Mars singing Gorilla

Singing Our first Time

His awesome curtain at the beginning of the show


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