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Review: Obsidian (Lux #1) By: Jennifer L. Armentrout

Title: Obsidian (Lux #1)
Author: Jennifer L. Armentrout
Published: May 8th, 2012
My Rating: 5 out of 5 stars!
Goodreads Summary:
Starting over sucks.

When we moved to West Virginia right before my senior year, I'd pretty much resigned myself to thick accents, dodgy internet access, and a whole lot of boring.... until I spotted my hot neighbor, with his looming height and eerie green eyes. Things were looking up.

And then he opened his mouth.

Daemon is infuriating. Arrogant. Stab-worthy. We do not get along. At all. But when a stranger attacks me and Daemon literally freezes time with a wave of his hand, well, something...unexpected happens.

The hot alien living next door marks me.

You heard me. Alien. Turns out Daemon and his sister have a galaxy of enemies wanting to steal their abilities, and Daemon's touch has me lit up like the Vegas Strip. The only way I'm getting out of this alive is by sticking close to Daemon until my alien mojo fades.

If I don't kill him first, that is.

My Thoughts:

I have finally found out what I am missing! I am now officially part of the Daemon and JLA fan club, I do have to admit that I was hesitant in the beginning about whether or not I was going to love this one because at first I was hesitant and Daemon was really frustrating me with the games he was playing with Katy but, after I really got into the story I fell in love with every single one of JLA's characters and I was so excited to read a book that gave a little shout out to all of us book bloggers and made me smile whenever blogging was mentioned!

Katy and her mom have just moved to West Virginia to start over, after her father's losing battle with cancer her mom couldn't keeping living in the place where they were once a family. When Katy's mom convinces her to go next door and meet the neighbors, but when she does she meets Daemon and let's just say he isn't all that welcoming but, he is extremely delicious and ripped. As Katy continues to adjust to their new home she strikes up a friendship with Dee Daemon's sister who is nothing at all like Daemon, she is bubbly and fun, gorgeous and has a great fashion sense. Until Katy is attacked by a mysterious man who would have killed her if Daemon hadn't shown up just in time. 

Like I said above at first I wasn't sure if I was going to like this one because I was really frustrated with Daemon at times not to say that I don't like some  build up but, I was getting so frustrated and I wanted Katy and Daemon to stop dancing around and finally get to some steamy romance. But I eventually came around to Team Daemon and after finishing this book I immediately had to go and purchase the other two books to try and satisfy my quickly growing Daemon infatuation. 

Jennifer has an amazing ability to tell a story that I felt like I was a part of it, I connected with Katy from the very beginning of the book, not just because I related to her as a book blogger but, she felt like your every girl.  I immediately felt like I was her friend, that when she talked, she was speaking right to me and that we shared a bond that made me root for and fall in love with her as a person. I became completely invested in her story. I also fell in love with the awesome idea of hot and sexy aliens living next door to humans. I couldn't help but think about the fact that if I came down to earth as an alien I would definitely choose a body like Daemon's, definitely one of the most steamy boys that I have read about so far!

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  1. I actually love this book so much. I love all of Jennifers books, especially the Covenant series, but Daemon seems like the perfect book boyfriend (especially when you read the other two books!). I read the entire series in a day and a half. I wish I could re-read it as though I was reading it for the first time over and over again.

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  6. This was an amazing book! I really loved it! Daemon and Kat and Dee were awesome characters!

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