Monday, March 25, 2013

Discussion: How do you read?

So I am so excited to be doing my first discussion post. I finally found a topic that I am really curious about , how do you read? what I mean by this is do you read one book at time, physical books, kindle books, audio books. I am probably like many of us bloggers and book lovers, my TBR pile is huge and I have so many books  I am dying to read.

If you follow me on Goodreads then you will probably see  that at anytime I am reading between 3-4 books. It might sounds a little bit crazy to some  people to try and read that many at a time but,  I read certain books at certain places. I have a kindle which I absolutely am in love with but, it is my second kindle that I have owned because  the first one I had I took everywhere with me and I accidently dropped it and my screen broke. My boyfriend wasn't too happy but, I immediately ordered a new one and promised that I would leave my kindle at home and not take it to work anymore. I also live in Colorado and it gets freezing cold here and in case you didn't know  kindles hate the cold so leaving it in the car overnight or while I am working bad idea!
To keep myself on some sort of reading schedule  (which usually doesn't happen because if I read a great review of a book on my list it definitely gets moved up or read right away) The one thing that my boyfriend doesn't get and we have had to make a compromise on its books. He doesn't understand why I would need physical books if I have a kindle, so I  made a deal with him. I would only buy books I love that I want to have for my collection or a book in a series that I am in the middle of. I have been buying more and more physical books shame on me I know but,  once I read an author that I love I have to add their books to my collection and nothing can replace having some of the beautiful covers  that I have to add to my bookshelf. 

The reason I am usually reading 3 or 4 books at time it is because once I began winning books and buying physical books my shelves were growing but,  I hadn't read any of them,  I had too many e-arcs and kindle books to get to them. My boyfriend finally put his foot down, no more new physical books until I have read all of the one's I have. I am so happy to say that I have almost read through my shelf,  which means that I can get new books! So, the makeup of books I am usually reading at any given time is 2 e-arcs from my kindle, a physical book from my shelf, a kindle book that is not an e-arc a book just for me, and sometimes an audio book in the car while I am driving. I make myself read kindle books that  I have that are already released that I am just excited to read  because  I was beginning to feel burned out and I needed to start reading books just for me and it has made me so happy!

So, that is how I read, I am super curious about you guys. How do you read? One book at time, eBook, physical books, audio books? Let me know in the comments!


  1. I don't have a Kindle or a Nook but I do have both apps on my PC so there are times when I'm reading two ebooks.And along with those I sometimes read a physical book.
    I've never tried an audio book although I definitely am curious!
    I have around 200+ unread ebooks and maybe a dozen physical books so I can totally relate to you!The fact that I've so many unread books never seems to stop me from buying more books though! :D

  2. Hmmm, well, as a writer of e-books (or, I guess I should say, one e-book and counting), it's ironic that the only books I read are physical books (not counting proof-reading my own e-book on my computer). However, this is mainly because I bought or was given a whole bunch of physical books that I didn't read for the longest time. Thus, I am now going through my backlog of physical books before I start into any e-books.

    By the way, I too had to limit myself a while ago to physical books that I really wanted to keep a long time, becuase my bookshelf was becoming crowded... :)


  3. I read just as much a time, too :) I find that i read different books depending on where i am. I always keep a book in my bag when i'm travelling, and i read a different one at home on my computer.

    Cool post. i can relate.

  4. I'm mostly one book at a time but sometimes I'll read a hard copy and an e-book at the same time. As long as they're not the same genre, it's fine. I could not read two dystopias at the same time.


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